So… Yeah… Ummm.. Hi There!

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It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted.  I KNOW.  God.. I suck right?

I’ve had one weigh in since my last post… and apparently I gained 7 pounds.  GO ME!  *bangs head on the table*

So.  I’m staring over again.  I KNOW I just did this but every day is a chance to start over… right?

I’m counting calories again.

Today, so far, my food and calorie count is as follows:


2 Eggs – Fried, no oil

2 Slices Lite Bread

Total Calories:  220


9 oz Beef Short Ribs, Grilled

9 oz Potato, Sliced and Browned with Salt, Pepper and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray

1 Cup Skim Milk

Total Calories:  738

Total Calories for the Day:  958

My plan for later tonight is 2 eggs, a package of grits and 1 cup skim milk for another 320 calories.

Daily total will be:  1278 calories for the day.

I’ll be back later with a lesson I learned Monday… it’s pretty important and would serve us all well to remember!

**I actually ended up having the same thing for dinner that I had for breakfast.  220 calories taking my total after dinner calories to 1168.  Unfortunately I was still hungry so I had a small banana and 2 Tbsp of low fat peanut butter for an additional 262 calories.  This brings my total for the day to 1430 calories.  Not too bad!**

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Slacker Me!

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Sorry I’ve been slacking. It’s been crazy here trying to get my kid and my parents off to Florida! Food has been kind of hit and miss. I have GOT to get better about eating regularly and eating well when I sub at the school. Meh.

I made an AWESOME lowfat quiche today. I haven’t figured out the calorie count yet though. Meh.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

5 Eggs Slightly Beaten
1 Cup Fat Free Half and Half
3 Cups 2% Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese (or 2% cheese of choice)
3 Tbsp Flour
1 Onion Chopped
1 4oz Can Chopped Green Chili’s
8oz Ham Steak Diced
2 Frozen Deep Dish Pie Crusts
Salt and Pepper

Mix cheese and flour in small bowl. In separate bowl mix eggs, Half and Half, onion, salt, pepper and green chili’s. Mix in cheese/flour. Make sure it is well mixed.

Place diced ham in bottoms of pie crusts. Pour egg mixture over ham. Bake for 1 hour. Let set 10 min before serving.

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Menus and Calories and Food Finds, OH MY!

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I’m combining everything into one post today.  I substitute taught and it sucked the life out of me.  God… High School kids are just… amazingly… DIFFERENT than I remember them… sigh.

Anyway… No menu for today.  It got all thrown outta whack by the cooking class I had to cover.  They made Beef Enchiladas and Texas Sheet Cake.  I dutifully ate my Brunch right before that class but the kids kept BEGGING me to try the food.  Someone new to show off for I suppose.  I ended up eating ONE Beef Enchilada and TWO bites of cake.  (OMG THAT THING WAS WICKED GOOD… FRIGGIN KIDS)

My Calorie Count for 3-11-2009 is as follows:

1 Pkg Peanut Butter and Honey Captain’s Wafers

1 Small Banana

290 Calories

1 Beef Enchilada with Cheese Sauce

263 Calories

1 Cup Cooked Elbow Macaroni

1 Cup Spaghetti Sauce with Super Lean Ground Beef

1 Cup Fat Free Milk

524 Calories

Faux Cheesecake

320 Calories

Total Calories for 3-11-2009: 1397
Target Daily Calories:  1200 – 1400 Calories
My food find for today is Ragu Light Spaghetti Sauce.  It has NO ADDED Sugar and is a Weight Watchers Core friendly jar sauce!  It can be easily doctored with some extra onion, garlic, Italian seasoning, Sweet Basil and a lil Splenda or Equal or whatever your no calorie sweetener of choice.  It’s delicious and CORE friendly.

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Recipe of the Day 3-10-2009

⊆ March 11th, 2009 by NotAMeanGirl | ˜ 3 Comments »

Faux Cheesecake

1 Low Fat Cinnamon Graham Cracker (1 full sheet)

2 Tablespoons Whipped Cream Cheese

1 Tablespoon Strawberry Preserves

Break Graham Cracker Sheet into 4 parts.  Spread each rectangle with 1/2 Tablespoon whipped Cream Cheese.  Top with Strawberry Preserves.

This is SO, SO simple to make and SO FRICKING good.  I was shocked at how much I liked it.  It isn’t a huge portion but it’s enough to kill your sweet tooth and satisfy the urge to snack on something sweet.

Guess what?  Its only 160 calories per serving.  Recipe… makes.. ONE… SERVRING.  You get to eat the whole thing!

I liked it so much I’m making it again tomorrow with Peach Preserves  *drools*  I cannot WAIT!

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Caloric Intake 3-10-2009

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Baked Potato

Grilled Shrimp

No Calorie Butter Flavored Spray

Fat Free Cheddar Cheese

450 Calories

1 Can Chunky Bean and Ham Soup

5 Saltine Crackers

420 Calories

Faux Cheesecake

160 Calories

1 Small Banana

90 Calories

2 TBSP Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

190 Calories

1 Cup Fat Free Milk

90 Calories

Total Calories for the day:                         1400 Calories

Daily Target Calories:                                  1400 Calories


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March 10, 2009 Menu

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Today has been a rather crazy day!  I had my first appointment with a therapist.  You can ready about it over at Not A Mean Girl if you’d like.  I spent MOST of the day in town so my eating has been… odd.


Coffee… I was nervous about the upcoming appointment and did NOT feel the food thing.


We went to Novorosky’s.  It’s a hamburger joint… BUT… they also serve low fat low cal choices as well.

I had a baked potato with grilled shrimp (no oil or fat used to cook it), Parkay Spray Butter, FF Chedar cheese, salt and pepper.  I washed it down with unsweetened iced tea.  (Teh potato… it was YOOGE!  Like.. a POUND of ‘Tater BEFORE the toppings.  They were a lil skimpy with the shrimp but it was tasty… and I was fricking STARVING.)


The plan for tonight is Chunky’s Bean with Ham soup and a ham and 2 % Pepper Jack cheese sandwich on light bread with a glass of milk.  I’ll be eating the entire can of soup… tin… and label not included… of course!  :)


I am going to try out a recipe I found on SparkPeople today.  I’ll share it tonight if it’s as good as everyone says it does.  It’s a mock cheesecake.  Yummay!

What did YOU eat today?  (What are you GOING to eat for the rest of the day?)

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Annnnnnd Welcome Back!

PoBo has been on an extended VERY EXTENDED vacation.  I stopped posting when I realized I was the only one posting here.  I didn’t want it to be all about meeeeeeeeeee!

However, I need to refocus myself.  I need to have a place where I can document my weight loss attempts– wins and failures alike– without feeling like I’m boring everyone.  As a result, I’m back here.  I HOPE some of our other authors begin posting again as well.  However, you’re stuck with just me for now!

I’m going to start by posting 3 times a day.  One will be a menu for the day.  One will be a detailed accounting of my caloric intake for the day.  One will be recipe’s or awesome food finds that are healthy friendly!

I hope you’ll join me once again as I trip the light fantastic… and just plain… trip some days.


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French Toast a la NAMG

⊆ September 30th, 2008 by NotAMeanGirl | ˜ 2 Comments »

I’m bored with food.  I tend to eat the same things ad nauseum when I find something that’s kicking the scales ass.  Every morning for the last month (or practically) I have had eggs, toast and bacon for breakfast.  This morning I had had ENOUGH of that.

I know I tend to loose weight more consistently when I eat eggs regularly.  I don’t KNOW why… it just is and I roll with that.  My challenge this morning was to figure out how to make healthy french toast.  Laugh if you must but I damn well did it and it was GOOOOOOD.  Fat Free.  Sugar Free.  Calorie Friendly.  Hot DAMN I’m good.

French Toast a la NAMG

3 Slices Light Sourdough Bread                120 calories (40 per slice)

2 eggs                                                      140 calories (70 per egg)

1tsp vanilla extract

1 1/2 to 2 tsp cinnamon

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray

Splenda (to taste)

Whip Eggs, Splenda, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract and a little bit of ICBINB Spray.  Spray small skillet with spray oil.  Preheat skillet on heat 6 (Just one notch up from medium).  Soak one slice of bread in egg mixture.  Put in hot skillet and cook until browned.  Flip bread and cook till brown.  Spray lightly with ICBINB Spray.  Repeat with remaining bread, slice by slice.

Serve with 1/2 Cantaloupe (54 calories) or whatever fruit you prefer.

Total calories:  314

No added sugar or fat.

If its not quite sweet enough for you try a little Sugar Free Syrup (or regular syrup if you can afford the calories and the sugar :)   )

I know it sounds simplistic… and it IS but it is sooooo tasty and a wonderful treat when you are tired of the same ole same ole.

(xposted to www.notameangirl.com)

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Is This Thing ON?

⊆ September 12th, 2008 by NotAMeanGirl | ˜ 1 Comment »

Where IS everyone?  I offer a contest and ONLY ONE PERSON ENTERS???  /cry  Where are all the other posters?  Why is this turning into the POMO site?  Y’all we need POSTS!!!!!

I have an update for you all.  Today was weigh in day.  I lost another 7.4 lbs.  WOOOOOT!  ::Does Snoopy Happy Dance:: I am now at 409.3 lbs and down a total of 13.9 lbs in 2 weeks!!!

Trying to stay on track with Hurricane Ike bearing down on us is presenting some challenges for me though.  Nervous eating is rearing its ugly head.  Too many people here.  Everyone stressed.  4 dogs in the house.  It just too much.  I plan on hiding upstairs for a good part of the next few days… away from the food and the dogs and the people.  Heh.


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Mini-Golf… Mini Goal

⊆ September 6th, 2008 by NotAMeanGirl | ˜ 1 Comment »

You all know, I have a LOT of weight to loose.  I have learned the value of mini goals.

If I look at the fact that I have 250 lbs to loose… that is two hundred fifty folks, I would grab the nearest Snicker Bar and start chowing down.  That is just an insurmountable number.  That’s an even 1000 sticks of butter, oh my hell!

I have had to set mini goals to keep from getting discouraged during this whole journey.  My first mini goal this go round is to get below 400 lbs.

The thing is… I have to figure out how to reward myself for meeting that goal.  Normally it would be a splurge on food of some sort.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t work very well for me.  I end up going completely insane and eating everything I can get my hands on for days.  Not such a good plan, right?

So… I have decided for each mini goal I meet I’m going to do something for one of YOU!  This first time around I would like each of you to post a comment about what YOU would like as a prize for my ability to meet the goal!

BTW, Today… I weighed in.  The results of my first week back on plan are… Drum roll please…

6.5 pounds LOST!

I am now at 416.7 lbs.  ::Does Happy Snoopy Dance::

I kept right at 1500-1600 calories all week and it seems to have done well!

Only 16.7 lbs to go till my first mini goal is met!

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